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Server Status
The Red Eclipse
Status: UP
Population: Standard
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WOOOhooo Long time ago :-)
Wookiee Chat
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Welcome to the Wookies' guildpage!

We are a pretty large and fun Guild on The Red Eclipse, currently consisting of over 400 Members and welcoming more.
PvE and PvP are both our loose goals and we thrive to make this server a better place for the Republc.

If you want to learn more about the Wookies Guild check out our vast collection of Screenshots in the Gallery or have a look at one of our Wookiee-Videos: (first Wookiee-Hymn) (Wookiee-Party) (first official Wookiee-Video)

If you feel like a Wookie already ask Jincs, Ki'moss or any Wookiee on the server for an invite.

Since the in-game friend adding system shows the name as 'non existing' while the person isn't online, you can also send an email to:

for an appointment to a guildinvitation!

May the force be with the Wookies

Guild News

One Year Wookiee-Awesomeness

JJJ, Jan 27, 13 7:44 AM.
The Wookies have now existed for more then a year, starting of on Eye of Ashlanae and changing servers to Red Eclipse. A great Woo Woo to all those that have stayed with us to this day ;)

Member Milestone

JJJ, Jul 23, 12 11:59 AM.
The Wookiee Guild Site has finally reached 200 Members!

Transfer Transfer

JJJ, Jun 12, 12 9:11 AM.
The Wookies are moving to Red Eclipse server!

Actually, the only place we can go from Eye of Ashlanae is Red Eclipse atm.

To transfer your character(s), login to the officialy SWTOR site ( and select "Character Transfer" under "My SWTOR" -> "My Account". There select one of your characters and them transfer it.

It should take between 2 Minutes and an Hour to Transfer one Character.

Once you reach Red Eclipse with your Character(s), whisper Kai'thewookiee or try the general chat on the Fleet to get an invite to the Wookies guild over there ;)

Have a good Transfer Wookies =)

New Wookiee-Vid!

JJJ, Jun 10, 12 3:21 PM.
Woo Woo Wookies!

There is a new Wookiee Video made by Ki'moss and Illuminator!
Check it out on .
Enjoy =)


greentwilight, Jun 8, 12 11:54 AM.
For people who are asking about the transfers. =D

At the moment, if you want to stay in the wookies, don't move to another server without consultation with, preferably Jinks, or any other Officers (Tojj Bowcasters, Tojj Beserkers) If you move without consultation you could confuse the whole system and not be in the wookies anymore. 

Transfers will be coming out on, hopefully (=P), Tuesday. has revealed information about the transfers, such as: there will be a few servers that will have a chance to move to a bigger server so that Warzone and finding PVE will be easier.

Unfortunately, not all servers will get this opportunity to move to a bigger server. Later on in the year, probably at 1.3, more servers will get to move for free and they are thinking of making paid transfers to whichever server you want, so that you can play with your friends.

Another bit of information is that, people from a PVE server, such as Eye of Ashanlae players, will be transfered to another PVE server. That is the start of the transfers for SWTOR, but with the paid transfers you will be able to go to whichever server you want.

Also they have revealed that you must take everything from your guild bank into your backpack and transfer it along with your character. This could be a problem, as people don't have space in thier inventory, and we might have to pay all our money to get our guild bank slots back. Although Padaka says "when you get to another server, send a ticket the SWTOR and they should transfer your whole Guild Bank over with all the slots.

Here is a link for the forums concerning transfers:

Thanks for listening/reading and I hope this helped you with the confusion.
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